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Look Out

We want to know when.  We kid ourselves that if only we knew when, we would be ready and prepared.  But would we?  Will we ever be ready for God’s return?

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 (CEV)

I don’t need to write you about the time or date when all this will happen. You surely know that the Lord’s return will be as a thief coming at night. People will think they are safe and secure. But destruction will suddenly strike them like the pains of a woman about to give birth. And they won’t escape.

My dear friends, you don’t live in darkness, and so that day won’t surprise you like a thief. You belong to the light and live in the day. We don’t live in the night or belong to the dark. Others may sleep, but we should stay awake and be alert. People sleep during the night, and some even get drunk. But we belong to the day. So we must stay sober and let our faith and love be like a suit of armor. Our firm hope that we will be saved is our helmet.

God doesn’t intend to punish us, but wants us to be saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. 10 Christ died for us, so that we could live with him, whether we are alive or dead when he comes. 11 That’s why you must encourage and help each other, just as you are already doing.

This passage follows a similar theme to last weeks gospel reading.  Don’t sleep, stay awake.  It doesn’t mean physically, if it did I would be beyond all hope!

But we should be alert, spiritually aware.  And we should be watching – perhaps not just for ourselves, but watching for those who cannot watch for themselves.  When someone we know is in distress, we watch over them and we watch out for them. When I am asleep, I know that the wonderful Mr Pamsperambulation watches out. That’s an element of this watchfulness for God’s coming that I’ve never thought of before.

We won’t know when God is coming.  We won’t know when we will meet him.  It is a sad fact of life that sudden illness or accident can strike at any time.  If it happened to me today, am I ready?

God is not trying to catch us out, waiting until we’re doing something wrong to pounce.  He longs for us to live with him eternally.  And that means being spiritually aware, doing all we can to be ready to meet him – encouraging and helping one another along the way.

 Lord may I watch
and wait;
living for you.

Give me patience,
and grace
that I may watch
and watch over
for you

What Are We Waiting For? #adventbookclub – Day 14

The Lord Answers Habakkuk Again

While standing guard
    on the watchtower,
I waited for the Lord’s answer,
before explaining the reason
    for my complaint.
Then the Lord told me:
“I will give you my message
    in the form of a vision.
Write it clearly enough
    to be read at a glance.
At the time I have decided,
    my words will come true.
You can trust what I say
    about the future.
It may take a long time,
but keep on waiting—
    it will happen!


Habakkuk’s Response to God’s Message

16 When I heard this message,
I felt weak from fear,
    and my lips quivered.
My bones seemed to melt,
    and I stumbled around.
But I will patiently wait.
Someday those vicious enemies
    will be struck by disaster.

Trust in a Time of Trouble

17 Fig trees may no longer bloom,
    or vineyards produce grapes;
olive trees may be fruitless,
    and harvest time a failure;
sheep pens may be empty,
    and cattle stalls vacant—
18 but I will still celebrate
because the Lord God
    saves me.
19 The Lord gives me strength.
He makes my feet as sure
    as those of a deer,
and he helps me stand
    on the mountains.

To the music director:
Use stringed instruments.

Oh my Favourite Bible Passage (see the header of this blog!)

I’m not going to say anything about this today.  I’ve written about it here, here, here and here, if you want to see what I think – probably repetitive, but my lifeline.

I’m just going to see what Maggi says.

An ending can be a new beginning.  Hope can be here today while we wait.

There is a Light – and it is coming

I’m waiting Lord,
not for some impossible dream,
but for you.

even as I wait,
I know you are here,
here in what life is.
So as I wait,
with hope,
I can also rejoice
here and now
– because you save me
you give me strength
you help me to stand
where I am

This year, several of us are reading Beginnings and Endings by Maggi Dawn and joining together to comment on it.  Do join us at the Adventbookclub Facebook page, follow #adventbookclub on Twitter or comment below.  If you are also reading and blogging on this book, let me know and I will link to your blog.


Right Time? #Adventbookclub – Day 1

Psalm 27 (CEV)

(By David.)

A Prayer of Praise

27 You, Lord, are the light
    that keeps me safe.


I am not afraid of anyone.
    You protect me,
    and I have no fears.
Brutal people may attack
and try to kill me,
    but they will stumble.
Fierce enemies may attack,
    but they will fall.
Armies may surround me,
    but I won’t be afraid;
    war may break out,
    but I will trust you.

I ask only one thing, Lord:
Let me live in your house
    every day of my life
    to see how wonderful you are
    and to pray in your temple.

In times of trouble,
    you will protect me.
You will hide me in your tent
    and keep me safe
    on top of a mighty rock.

You will let me defeat
    all of my enemies.
Then I will celebrate,
    as I enter your tent
    with animal sacrifices
    and songs of praise.

Please listen when I pray!
    Have pity. Answer my prayer.
My heart tells me to pray.
I am eager to see your face,
    so don’t hide from me.
I am your servant,
and you have helped me.
    Don’t turn from me in anger.
You alone keep me safe.
    Don’t reject or desert me.
10 Even if my father and mother
should desert me,
    you will take care of me.


11 Teach me to follow, Lord,
and lead me on the right path
    because of my enemies.
12 Don’t let them do to me
    what they want.
People tell lies about me
    and make terrible threats,
13     but I know I will live
    to see how kind you are.

14 Trust the Lord!
Be brave and strong
    and trust the Lord.

Advent – a light, a path, a waiting…

Maggi speaks of Christmas and Easter not necessarily chiming with our mood.  That is something I can identify with.  The world seems to want to party, for so many that is painful, there is little to party about.  People are missing, people are there that we don’t want to be, there is not enough to go round, someone is not well enough, things have not turned out as we hoped…

There is so much expectation piled onto Christmas Day, for some, all we want to do is mourn.  And yet, it is the celebration of the birth of our Saviour.  And  there are lovely parts too.  A very mixed day.  So in some ways it is difficult to look forward in anticipation, to a day you really aren’t looking forward to at all.

Maggi reminds me,

God’s gifts do not always come according to our timetable or at the moment we think we need them.  Advent and Christmas promise us God’s presence, and yet it seems that sometimes God hides his face and is nowhere to be found (p14)

And perhaps that is the point.  God is there whether I realise it or not.  Whether he’s where I’m looking or not.  He just is there.  Whatever my emotions, my pains, my fears – God is there.  (And I love Auntie Margaret!)

And to the one who’s time is always right

Thank you Lord,
that your timings are not mine
you are not tied by our customs,
but you are with us
when the time is right
and when it isn’t,
when I think you’re hiding
and when I don’t,
when I want to party
and when I want to cry

Thank you
that you remain
the light,
the path,
the thing I am waiting for

This year, several of us are reading Beginnings and Endings by Maggi Dawn and joining together to comment on it.  Do join us at the Adventbookclub Facebook page, follow #adventbookclub on Twitter or comment below.  If you are also reading and blogging on this book, let me know and I will link to your blog.