Backwards or Forwards

While I’m on a roll of things I have written for other people, this is something I have written for Ekklesia on life after lockdown for the chronically ill, vulnerable and those for whatever reason their life revolves around their home.


~ by pamjw on April 25, 2023.

3 Responses to “Backwards or Forwards”

  1. Thank you for your recent post. As ever, for those of us who are not

  2. Hello Pam. You may have answered this before, but in your bodily-circumstances, how have you found engagement with God, in particular prayer? Four years ago I was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s disease and ever since I have struggled with prayer. It always seems to be one thing too many for my brain, and it disengages. Have you any ‘top tips’ here?

    • Hello. I don’t claim to be an expert in prayer! In my personal circumstances I find something more reflective or meditative that I can relax in to easier than trying to find my own words. I have a couple of apps that I use and use other’s words to listen to God, rather than try necessarily and find words of my own always. It’s often a struggle to find the right words. Silence is valid prayer, God can cope with that.
      Hope that helps. It’s an interesting question. I can empathise with it being one thing too many for the brain.

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