Some days feel like wading through treacle. Or pushing a rock up hill. Sometimes life throws up floods and storms.  And we get caught up and feel we are drowning.

By Evgord (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Isaiah 43:1-7

The Lord Has Rescued His People

43 Descendants of Jacob,
I, the Lord, created you
and formed your nation.
Israel, don’t be afraid.
I have rescued you.
I have called you by name;
now you belong to me.
When you cross deep rivers,
I will be with you,
and you won’t drown.
When you walk through fire,
you won’t be burned
or scorched by the flames.

I am the Lord, your God,
the Holy One of Israel,
the God who saves you.
I gave up Egypt, Ethiopia,
and the region of Seba
in exchange for you.
To me, you are very dear,
and I love you.
That’s why I gave up nations
and people to rescue you.

Don’t be afraid! I am with you.
From both east and west
I will bring you together.
I will say to the north
and to the south,
“Free my sons and daughters!
Let them return
from distant lands.
They are my people—
I created each of them
to bring honor to me.”

We considered in the #adventbookclub about being named, and God knowing us before we were born.  He knows us so well, he knows where we are.

In the last couple of days I’ve had a couple of messages from people knowing/suspecting I would be struggling (and thank you for them).  Those people know me and my situation well enough to know, they know me well enough they can tell when my tone has changed.  I don’t have to be obvious.  If they know me that well, how much better does God know me.  He knows how life is – and he cares! God promises to be with me when I feel I’m going to drown, and when I am walking through fire.  He doesn’t tell me I will be pulled from it, but that he will go through it with me.  When I feel like I might drown, God holds my head above water.

Ross [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

 God is quite literally my life saver.So whatever storms you feel you are facing, however sticky the ground you are wading through, however steep the hill, remember God is with you.  Let him lift you and keep you afloat, help you with your burden and enable you to continue to put one foot in front of the other.  For he knows you.  He knows exactly where you are and how you are feeling.  He doesn’t want you to be afraid, but invites you to cling to him.

Thank you Lord

that you know me so well,

you know when I am struggling,

when I think I am going to drown

in the circumstances of life.

Thank you

that you not only know,

but you come to my rescue,

you hold my head up,

swim alongside me,

help carry the load.

I pray that I may allow you

to reach out,

rescue me,

hold me,

and not carry on trying to swim my own way.

~ by pamjw on January 7, 2013.

4 Responses to “Life-Saving”

  1. I rest my case… (see ealier DMs…) 🙂

  2. Thanks for that a timely rem$inder in the miodst oif frustration

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