Right at the Beginning

In the beginning

In the beginning God

In the beginning God created


Right at the beginning, God could have done anything he wanted.  Sat there.  Just being.  The world, well there wasn’t a world, but life, the universe, everything was his to do as he wanted.  And God chose to create.  To make the world and us.  He made it not as we know it now, but in its perfect state.  A pure place,a place of delight, of peace and of love.  Life came to be.

Whatever we think of the creation accounts of Genesis, be they fact or poetry, we cannot get away from the understanding that God actively chose for the world to be, and was delighted by how it turned out.

How does that make us feel?

Special?  We are no accident or freak of nature.

Ashamed?  At how we have treated the world and made it far from perfect.

Inspired?  To seek to do what we can to create harmony and love where we are.

At the start of a new year we are bombarded by images and soundbites of new beginnings. May we be inspired by the God of new beginnings to live in love, peace and hope; to live in the pleasure God took; and to live with care.

Thank you Lord,

for making the world,

for loving crafting the wonders,

for allowing us to share.

As we begin another new year,

may we be inspired by your care in creation,

and live in appreciation of it.

~ by pamjw on January 2, 2012.

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