False Prophets?

Have you ever had one of those letters, or an email claiming that you’ve won an amazing prize?  And “all you have to do” to get your prize is ring a phone number that is on an extortionate tariff, or supply your bank details!

They turn out to be “prizes” that cost you way more than you ever get.

It seems the adage is true – if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

Micah, or perhaps more correctly God, is having trouble with false prophets. They seemed to be telling people what they wanted to hear – especially those who were paying them!  A nice payment produced a good prophecy, no payment meant a bad prophecy – not really what prophecy is meant to be about!

But God has had enough – they will no longer have any prophecies to proclaim. Chasing after false promises will no longer work.  They are despising justice and distorting what is right – but no more.

Micah points them to the true message from God.  Hating justice and turning right to wrong are not the right foundations to build on.

Seeking justice and following God’s true way is the right foundation – strong and firm.

Prophecy for money or favour is never going to be that reliable – they need to seek God’s true word.  It might not be so comfortable, but it will be the word that helps and strengthens.

We need to listen to what God is really saying, not what we’d like to hear.  We need to take the time to stop and really listen.

I love the simple words of this song:

Let God Speak Lyrics – lan Smale (Praise and Worship Lyrics & Chords by Higher Praise).

Let God speak and I will listen

Let God speak, there’s things I’m needing to put right

Let God speak and I will obey what He says

Please God, I want to hear Your voice tonight

Lord I want to hear Your voice

Lord I want to hear Your voice

Lord I want to hear Your voice Tonight, tonight

© 1982 Kingsway�s Thankyou Music

As we listen to God, do we hear what we want to, or what he’s really saying?

O Lord,

I long to hear your voice,

I need to know what it is you want to say to me.

Help me to truly listen,

with ears attuned only to you,

and your voice.

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