But what do you think?

There are some questions that can change your life,

Will you marry me?

Shall we move house?

Is now the time to have a baby?

Should I apply for that job?

Or less positively:

Do you want to try this drug?

Should I get in this car, even though I know you’ve had too much to drink?

Shall I do the thing that will upset you?

I’m sure you’ve got your own examples, but they are the kind of questions that can totally change what you are doing and the way your life is going.

Jesus asks his disciples the most important question:

“But who do you say I am?”

They’ve already told him what other people think.  But Jesus wants to know what they believe about him.

What you think about Jesus is a question you have to answer – and you have to answer it for yourself.

It doesn’t matter what your family or friends think – only what you believe.

Belief in God is very personal, it is something we have to decide for ourselves, and a decision has to be made.  We can listen to what others have to say, but in the end it is a decision that only we can make.

Today Jesus is asking you:

“But who do you say I am?”

Never mind all the others – what do you think?

Can you put your trust in Jesus, and allow him to be the one who meets your need?

Do you believe he is the Son of the Living God and worship him?

Will you allow him to take control of your life?

Who do you say that Jesus is?

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