Shine a light

Isaiah 9: 2–7

Those who walked in the dark

have seen a bright light.

And it shines upon everyone

who lives in the land

of darkest shadows.

A child has been born for us.

We have been given a son

who will be our ruler.

His names will be

Wonderful Advisor

and Mighty God,

Eternal Father

and Prince of Peace.

His power will never end;

peace will last forever.

He will rule David’s kingdom

and make it grow strong.

He will always rule

with honesty and justice.

The LORD All-Powerful

will make certain

that all of this is done.

I used to be Minister in a village.  It was a lovely village.  Obviously when I first went I didn’t know it too well.  We didn’t live in the village – and you have to remember I’m a townie by birth.

My first September there I happily went off to an evening meeting. I parked my car and went into the meeting.  Only when I came out did I realise my mistake – no streetlights!  It took me a fair bit of careful treading to make my way back to where I thought it was, picking my way across a wet grass verge – lesson learnt – never go out without a torch.

How we stumble around in the darkness.  Struggling to see, groping to find the way.

How a light illuminates what we need to see.

A light is coming so bright, nothing cannot be seen.  A light beckoning, light warning, light shining for all to see.

When our lives are in darkness we struggle to find a way.  We crouch in the corner, it feels safer that way.

But the light comes.  A child is born.  Everything looks different.  Someone has come to show us the way.

Peace, honesty, justice and strength have returned.

Reach out.  Step from the shadows.  Welcome the light and all it brings.

~ by pamjw on December 8, 2011.

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