No terms and conditions

It seems that whenever you see a special offer there is almost always an asterisk that points out that special terms and conditions apply!

*Only for new customers

*plus post and packaging

*only with…

You know the kind of thing.  It seems that nothing is as good an offer as it first appears!

God’s people were used to living by God’s laws.  They knew that those laws told them how to live God’s ways, but they also knew some of them had become very precise and regulated.  They had become about doing x and y to make God happy, rather than about a good way of life. They had become over defined and overcomplicated – and people weren’t even very good at keeping them.

Into that Paul writes his letter to the Romans, and explains that all that is really needed to be saved, all that God really wanted from them, was to believe in him.  Anyone who could say in truth, “Jesus is Lord” is already there.  That is what God requires, not the elaborate jumping through of hoops, not the working out of riddles – just that people believe in him.  Doing that is what puts people right with God.

There are no special terms and conditions.  What you see with God is what you get. Trusting in him is all that is needed to be a part of all he offers.

How amazing is that!

There will be things that believing in God makes you want to do, but it is always that way round and not that you have to do those things first for God to be interested in you.

Anyone and everyone who call out to God is welcomed, accepted and blessed.

The one thing Paul asks at the end, is that those who have discovered this go and tell others.  If you have found something this amazing, why wouldn’t you want to go and tell someone?  How will they know if no one tells them?  Don’t you want them to know what you have discovered?

God loves and accepts each and every one of us.

Thank you God

that you accept me,

that there no terms and conditions,

just your love,

waiting for me.

Thank you that I can trust you,

and walk with you

in security.

May I take that with me

and pass it on.

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