What are you talking about?

There we were, walking along, minding our own business, discussing all the amazing things that had happened over the last few weeks.  It was so hard to take it all in, to sort it all out in our minds.

As we were going along, a man appeared and started talking with us.  Don’t know who he was, but he seemed friendly enough, and joined us.

I don’t know where he can have been though, he didn’t seem to know anything about all that had happened.  Everyone had heard about what had happened with Jesus, he was the talk of the town.

Of course he wanted to know what these things were, seemed to want to catch up on the gossip he’d missed – well you would wouldn’t you.  You’d want to know all the little details, what people were saying, what it all meant.

So we told him what we knew.  That Jesus was a prophet, how he told us things of God, how powerful he was. Then we also had to tell him how the Chief Priests and rulers had got antsy and got him crucified – killed to stop him causing any more trouble.

We had to be honest with our fellow traveller too, and said that we had hoped that he was THE ONE.  The One who was going to save us and free us, and now we had no idea what was going on.  Of course it had all been confused even more, by the women coming back from the tomb this morning and saying they couldn’t find the body – but more than that, they’d seen some angels who assured them he was alive – what was that all about?

Then something really strange happened.  This man who was travelling with us suddenly turned round to us and said, “How foolish you are.  How slow to believe.  This is what was needed, for the Messiah to suffer and enter glory”

Well, I ask you!  One minute he knows nothing about what’s happened, and the next he’s lecturing us about what it all means!  He certainly knew his Scriptures.  He took us all the way through, explaining what was said about the Messiah through them.

By now we were nearly at Emmaus, the village we were going to.  He was going further, but we invited him to come and stay with us, as it was nearly dark. So he came with us, and we got a meal.

He said the blessing and he picked up the bread.

OH MY!!!!!

It was Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was the person that had been walking with us all along.  We hadn’t recognised him.  What fools we felt.  We had been too caught up in ourselves we hadn’t recognised him – but he was there.  He had explained to us once again what it was all about.

Jesus is Risen – now we know for ourselves.

Thank you Lord

that you walk with us

in our questioning,

in our confusion,

in the times when we don’t recognise you.

Thank you.

~ by pamjw on May 4, 2011.

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