Rescue me

Psalm 31:1-8

A Prayer for Protection

1I come to you, LORD,

for protection.

Don’t let me be ashamed.

Do as you have promised

and rescue me.

2Listen to my prayer

and hurry to save me.

Be my mighty rock and the fortress

where I am safe.

3You, LORD God,

are my mighty rock

and my fortress.

Lead me and guide me,

so that your name

will be honored.

4Protect me from hidden traps

and keep me safe.

5You are faithful,

and I trust you

because you rescued me.

6I hate the worshipers

of worthless idols,

but I trust you, LORD.

7I celebrate and shout

because you are kind.

You saw all my suffering,

and you cared for me.

8You kept me from the hands

of my enemies,

and you set me free

Mountain refuges are amazing places.  They are there to provide food and shelter to climbers and hikers, who otherwise would have nowhere to shelter.  In them is found food and a bed to sleep in.  They are a place of safety.

In God, we find shelter and safety, protection and care.

He is not just our “port in a storm”, but ever-present, ever-watchful, ever-loving.


be my rock

my shelter,

my place of safety.

As I wander


guide me.

When I am weary,

lift me.

When I am frightened,

protect me.

Wrap me safely in your love



~ by pamjw on April 2, 2011.

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