What will be your legacy

The renewal has just come for our household contents insurance.  It’s a bit of a sobering black and white statement of what you have.

This weeks readings point to what we leave behind on this earth.

The writer of Ecclesiastes feels that everything is meaningless, and whatever is done is like chasing the wind.  They acknowledge that whatever they achieve is ultimately left behind for those who follow.  For the author this is seems to leave them in despair and doubt – after all they do not know what kind of fool may be following on.

This place of questioning and doubt may be somewhere where we all find ourselves at some time.  What is the point?  What are we doing?  We work and worry our way through life – and what do we have to show for it?  There is a place for those questions, because our answers to those will give us our foundation for what we do.

Those that follow us might be fools, or they might be much better stewards of the world than we have been.  They may be the ones to join the dots of the discoveries our generation have made, or they may laugh at us and go a different way.  Our responsibility remains to do what we are called to do in our time.  To live a responsible life – a life that comes from God.

Paul, writing to the Colossians reminds them to keep their eyes fixed on Christ and what he is doing, not on the things of earth.  He is our focus.  He is the reason for the things we do.  We should not be focussing on our hopes and desires – but his.  That is what will save life from being useless.  Whether we think we are getting somewhere or not, living God’s ways is what matters.

Not being immoral, having evil thoughts, being greedy, angry, hateful, and evil – they are the legacy we should leave behind, that our lives might be right with God, and that others may see the way to be right with God too.

Jesus sums all this up in this passage.  A person’s life is not made up of what they own.  More important is the riches we have built up in God’s sight.

What will your legacy be?  For yourself, for the world, for God?

~ by pamjw on July 27, 2010.

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